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Ashtavakrasana Tutorial

Learn how to prepare your body to enter to this pose and some transitions for getting into Ashtavakrasana

Stretch your arms

Less than 10 min to stretch your arms, which is so important these days where we are working so much on our computer and socializing with our phones!

Downward Facing Dog Tutorial

The best tips to do Downward Facing Dog and get the best out of this very used pose

Upward Facing Dog

This is another pose that looks “easy” but that requires a lot of attention to do it right without hurting our body. Follow the tips to do it correctly so you can enhance your strength, getting the best out of this pose!

Correct hands position

In this video, I explain the details of Hasta Bandha, a concept you should know to protect your hands

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Tutorial

This is a tutorial for Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana or King Pigeon pose which I see very commonly doing it not in a safe way. I hope it is useful for you!

How to Wild Thing Pose

The wild thing is a pose commonly used in a vinyasa yoga practice, so learn here how to enter into Wild Thing Pose (Catmakarasana) and my tips for this pose!

Bakasana Tutorial

Bakasana tutorial with some options for the ones who already hold it!

How to use your yoga wheel

7 Exercises to do with your yoga wheel to get stronger.

Guided 30 min. Mindful Run

With Frankie Ruiz. Learn how the principles of mindfulness can be applied to your run and improve your experience.

Sunset Yoga at The Everglades

A unique sunset yoga flow on an airboat at the Everglades, by Claudia Pia and super special guest Andrea Minski.

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