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Hello! My real name is Claudia P. López, and the P. is not from Pia! It’s actually from Patricia. However, I took the name Pia from my childhood nickname, to create my brand.

I’m from Cali, Colombia and I currently live in Miami where I live with my husband and my beautiful daughter.

I studied Economics and International Business and worked in Marketing for 6 years in 3 different corporations.

I practiced yoga for the first time years ago when I was looking for something to help calm my mind. However, it wasn’t until I tried a power yoga class in 2013, that I became more involved in this practice.

After 4 years of being a practitioner and a self-student, I decided to take my first Teacher certification.

At that time I had already left my corporate job, so after my training, I went completely in on sharing my love for yoga and teaching this practice to others.

I keep adding to my journey and enjoying the process. I hope we can cross paths if we haven’t already!

What I Love

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I love spending time with others and making people smile and laugh because I believe in the power of it. I enjoy a good conversation with friends just debating things. I like to stay active and healthy by doing any type of activity, but I also enjoy a calm afternoon.

I love practicing and sharing yoga as a tool to live a happier and more meaningful life. I love to read different types of books such as historical, non-fiction, biographies, personal development, and yoga. Also, I like writing what comes to my mind.

I enjoy traveling so much that in 2018, my husband and I decided to take a 6-month trip to explore a few places in the world (check out our journey HERE). My favorite parts of the trip were ones where I could be in contact with nature, whether through trekking or enjoying the ocean.

 Lastly, I must say… I LOVE dancing (and dogs!).


Experienced yoga teacher miami yoga certification

I have had the privilege to practice and study from world-known teachers like Kino McGregor, David Keil, Gokulacandra, Gurmukh, and Anand and Sadhana, creators of Skanda Yoga.

To all of the teachers who I have had in my years of practice: thank you! Thank you for inspiring me, for teaching me, and for keeping this practice alive.

  • E-RYT200hrs Yoga Alliance.
  • 500Hrs Yoga Teacher Certification
  • YACEP® (Continuing Education Provider).
  • 20hrs Yin Yoga certified
  • 300Hrs Certified Skanda Yoga Teacher
  • 75-Hrs Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga
  • 200Hrs Certified Skanda Yoga Teacher
  • 20Hrs Anatomy course with David Keil
  • Barefoot Movement Coach

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