Laura Armas – Creative Director Sony Pictures Television

“Pia has been an essential part in my journey with yoga. Not only because of her amazingly precise way of teaching techniques and asanas, but because of the human being she is and inspires you to be. Her big heart and positive attitude are a great motivation to encourage you to try to leave the fears and self-limitations behind, to achieve the best version of yourself on and out of the mat.

If you’re looking for an expert teacher that can dissect a position in a way that anyone can understand, go and practice with Pia.

If you’re looking for a human and empathic teacher that understands you and helps you go through your personal process and goals, go and practice with Pia.

If you’re looking for a challenging, fun, liberating and yet peaceful and enlighten time on the mat, go and practice with Pia. 

If you’re looking for a teacher that you can call a friend at the end of each practice, go and practice with Pia.”

Laura started to practice yoga in November 2017.

Angela Ariza – Head Of Digital at Founders Agency

“Claudia is not just a yoga teacher, she is someone that goes beyond teaching you the proper way of doing an asana or yoga pose, she really focuses on getting to know you and your body so she can guide you accordingly on what is best for your specific yoga journey.

She is the perfect example of what a yogi is, not only someone that knows how to do handstands and all these difficult poses, she is also very kind, loving, care about others and the community and most importantly works hard on spreading the light from her heart every day.

The classes with her are amazing! She is super funny and always has a smile on the face.
Love her! Wouldn’t change her for any other teacher in the world.”

Gerardo Mahuad Managing Principal at Eagle Property Capital

Pia is an amazing yoga instructor. I have been taking individual classes with her for over a year and the results are fantastic.

Today I have much more strength, flexibility, and a higher level of focus. On top of that, I feel great after every class. Her classes have a perfect balance between a good flow and relaxation.

Her attention to detail has an impact on every aspect of the class. My two daughters (5 and 9 years old) join me from time to time and are also beginning to love her classes.

Carolyne Hyde

“Practicing yoga under Pia’s instruction has changed my life.  Pia has the amazing gift of being a spiritual being and an incredible yoga instructor. She has an unparalleled ability to inspire her students to do their best, and with proper alignment and form. Her experience and devotion to the practice create an environment beneficial to the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner.

The benefits that I have received from practicing yoga with Pia are on and off the mat. On the mat, my practice is stronger and more confident. Off the mat, I have found a space for inner peace that I have never had in my life.

I am eternally grateful to and inspired by this amazing woman I am blessed to practice yoga with.
Thank you Pia!”

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