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Welcome to this yoga space I’ve designed for you. This site will inspire you to practice yoga, help you learn more, or even deepen your current knowledge of this practice.

Each week I’ll add valuable content in the form of blog posts or videos about different topics related to yoga. From how to do an asana practice to the meaning of a yoga concept.

You will also find content that, even though it might not be directly related to yoga, it will be of value to you, like how to prepare an organic tea to boost your immune system, what is and how to use the menstrual cup, or how to seat for meditation.

Additionally, you’ll be able to find my schedule, special events, workshops, and retreats, and you can learn more about who I am HERE.

I hope this site continues to be under constant construction, renovation, and reinvention just like we all are. Now that I have created it, it’s time for me to work on the videos and information that I’ll be sharing with you!

Please share in the comments below the type of yoga content you would like to find here. That way I can focus on creating content that you’ll find useful.

P.S.: Special thanks to my friend @fotosdeotto to whom I owe the majority of the photos on this website!

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