skanda yoga

Skanda Yoga

I mainly teach Skanda yoga, a power Vinyasa yoga style that captured my heart after years practicing different styles. It took my practice to another level.

Anand and Sadhana created this style 10 years ago and it’s currently recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Anand is author of The Practice of Skanda Yoga and Classes of Enchantment, two books I recommend you buy and read. I especially recommend the first one.

What is Skanda Yoga?

Skanda Yoga is a breath-inspired, alignment-based power vinyasa style that sets a physical and spiritual intention based on the 13- moon calendar in order to align students with Nature’s cyclical patterns.

The practice of Skanda Yoga honors the tradition of yoga in its application of alignment, functional movement, conscious breathwork, philosophy, and meditation techniques.

Skanda Yoga has 20 different sequences that allow for consistent progression while exploring different paths to open and strengthen the body. It offers different levels of classes, all of them are fun, challenging, inspiring, and self-empowering.

Each class has a specific intention and focus of action that is balanced for the body, invigorating for the mind, and uplifting for the spirit.

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