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I would like to share some products/brands that I use, love, and recommend for your yoga practice*. And you can get a DISCOUNT in some of them by using my links or code!:


This is one of the most important things for your yoga practice. So don’t try to save buying a cheap one because it will make a big difference! Invest in a good yoga mat:

Lululemon Yoga Mat: I’ve used this mat for years, and it’s my favorite out of many I’ve tried. It gives you a lot of grip. I recommend the 5mm mat if you are a regular practitioner. If you want something lighter and don’t have any knee issues, then the 3mm is fine. BUY HERE

LIFORME yoga mat: this one will also give you a lot of grip plus have some lines that can be useful for your alignment. BUY HERE with a 10% OFF


Travel Mat: I’m not a lover of yoga towels, so for traveling, I use a travel mat. It gives me the grip that I want, it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s foldable. I can use it by itself or put it on top of another mat if I want something more cushioning. BUY HERE


Zenlife yoga mat/towels: I love the designs of these mats, and I have used them when I know the class is going to be sweaty. I love the towels and to be honest, I mainly use them at the beach. They are perfect for that! Use code PIA_YOGA for 15% OFF!  BUY HERE

Manduka yoga mats: I personally find them a little slippery but I know many people use them and love them. Most of them use it with a towel on top. It has extra cushion as they have the PRO which is 6mm thick: BUY HERE. I do use the Manduka Travel mat. BUY HERE




Lululemon: this was my first love and it’s still one of my favorite brands ever! Most of my yoga clothes is from this brand. You can find it HERE


LIVE! Clothing: this is a brand which I discovered recently and I’ve been loving it! I really like the fabric & colors of their leggings and tops (it had to be Brazilian!). Get 15% OFF by using code PIAYOGA or clicking HERE

MBALANCESTORE: this is a small Colombian brand with a very beautiful story and purpose behind owned by two women. If you are in the USA you can buy it HERE and use PIAYOGA code for a 10% OFF


CARBON38: 15% OFF of this lux brand with PIAYOGA code. HERE

Yoga.Swim: beautiful Brazilian leggings with prints. Code PIA10 for 10% OFF HERE



Click here to see the full list of products for Yoga & Meditation on Amazon*

SAMAYA Meditation Cushion: I was looking for a nice and beautiful meditation cushion and I found the perfect one. It is worth the price. I’ve been using it and I love it because it really gives me support and helps me to maintain my back straight. BUY IT HERE

Yoga blocks & straps: you can buy the lululemon blocks HERE or find them in my AMAZON store


Yogatoes: I use them to help me separate my toes so I can activate Pada Bandha (foot lock), which we need for the asana practice. If you are suffering from Bunions, Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, or Chronic Foot Pain, YogaToes GEMS are a must. BUY HERE


FULL MOON DIFFUSER: I’m in LOVE with this diffuser that has the exact surface of the moon and it’s made out of recycled materials. It also has 3 different lights and you can use it without a cord to move it wherever you need it!  BUY HERE

OR´BELL: These skin care products are naturally manufactured and based on herbalism; they fight dehydration in the skin, their texture and smell are fantastic, they also make your skin feel smoother. BUY HERE


FRE Skin Care: These skincare products are specialized for people who like to sweat, like us! I use and love the 123FRÉ Set which combats exercise and sweat-induced skin damage such as breakouts, dehydration, and signs of aging. Get 15% OFF by using code PIAYOGA BUY HERE


Namo Now: This is a 100% organic plant-based facial spray elixir. I use it to refresh my face at any time or to get centered before meditation. It’s deliciously refreshing. BUY HERE

*Please note I may get a small commission for some of the products listed here; however, I’m just listing products that I believe on and that I personally use.

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